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BESS System  Benefits

BESS & Micro Grid Systems Reduce Operating Expenses by Reducing Demand or Peak Electrical Charges.


Are you paying Demand or Peak electrical charges?  Is 30% to 50% of your electrical bill Demand or Peak charges?  Demand and Peak electrical charges are an unfortunate reality for many businesses.  Understanding your power usage and the resources available to reduce or eliminate excess electrical charges is the first step in the process. .  Depending on your electrical usage and system size you could immediately reduce your electrical energy costs and receive a ROI (return on your investment) in as little as three years.  If you would like to reduce or eliminate your Demand or Peak charges a BESS (Battery Energy Storage System) could be a solution. 


We will analyze your electrical usage (at no cost to you) and present you with a proposal that will show your return on investment and ongoing savings for the next ten years.  We have systems ranging from 5kWh to 50Mwh, as well as Micro Grid Systems.


Contact us today and start the process to reducing your electrical costs and start putting

money back into your business.

NO BESS System

Demand Charges Money Lost.JPG

With A BESS System

BESS Money Saved.JPG
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