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Starting in January of 2018 Battery Terminal USA will be offering Lithium Iron Phosphate Energy Storage Systems (ESS) for residential and commercial applicant 

Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS)

We offer BESS Systems that can potentially reduce your commercial electrical energy cost by 30% to 50%.  This is accomplished by eliminating or reducing your Peak or Demand electrical charges.  Depending on your electrical usage and system size you could immediately reduce your electrical energy costs and receive a return on your investment in as little as three years.  Reducing operating costs is an ongoing battle for all businesses.  Additionally, COMMERCIAL ELECTRICAL COSTS INCREASE EVERY YEAR DESPITE THE ADDITION AND ONGOING EXPANSION OF GREEN ENERGY.


​General or Standalone BESS Systems intended exclusively to reduce electrical consumption during peak times or reduce demand charges are usually less expensive than combination PV or Solar, Wind, Hydro… combination or microgrid systems that generate and store electrical energy from off grid sources.  Although our systems are configurable as a Microgrid, our primary focus is to provide our customers with the most cost-effective system that will immediately reduce their electrical costs and provide them with the shortest ROI resulting in an immediate reduction in operating expenses.  Granted, Combination or Microgrid Systems can provide additional benefits beyond what a General or Standalone BESS System can provide.  Those additional benefits (generating your own electricity) also come with a significant upfront cost which could be double, triple or as much as five times the cost of a General or Standalone BESS System.  The extra cost of a Microgrid system also has a proportionally longer ROI.  Additionally, you need real estate for solar and wind generation.  If you are in a rental facility getting access to the roof or property around the facility may be difficult or impossible as well as may come with a premium price tag.  BESS Systems are significantly smaller in comparison to wind and solar systems.  Additionally, selling the excess electricity you generate to your local utility is a pipedream at best.  Your local utility is not interested in purchasing electricity from you and if the local government forces them to do so they will pay the very least amount possible which will be a small fraction of what they would charge you for the same quantity.  One more thing to consider is the maintenance of the equipment.


Reducing or Eliminating Peak Usage and Demand Charges is the quickest and most cost-effective way of reducing your business operating costs.  Granted there are situations that do benefit from a Microgrid System, and we do offer that option.

General Standalone BESS Systems benefits.

  • Reduce or eliminate Peak Usage

  • Reduce or eliminate Demand Charges

  • BESS Systems can be installed in your existing utility room providing there is adequate space

  • BESS can also be installed outside your facility in their own standalone enclosure

  • BESS Systems can be installed in harsh environments in weather tight, environmentally controlled enclosures

  • BESS Systems can also act as a UPS System in many cases

For more information on BESS Systems please see the following:

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