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Price / Value


BESS Systems pricing is determined by the electrical demand for a specific timeframe which determines the necessary storage capacity and delivery rate of the BESS.  We will do a FREE no obligation  evaluation of your electrical usage to determine your specific needs and present you with a detailed analysis which will demonstrate your immediate and ongoing savings based on the system performance and cost. 


The BESS system value and savings can be calculated to a precise degree based on your most recent twelve months of electrical usage.  BESS System value and savings are much more predictable and precise when used to reduce or eliminate Demand Charge & Peak Usage than when Solar or Wind generated energy is used without a BESS System.

Hidden Benefits

In many applications when BESS Systems are used to reduce or eliminate Demand Charges or Peak Usage they can provide the following  hidden benefits depending on the System Size, Peak Rate and or Demand Charges.

  • Little or no upfront capital expense

  • Immediate reduction in electrical cost 

  • Deliver a ROI in as little as three years

  • Potentially gain the benefits of a UPS (uninterruptible power supply) at no additional cost

  • Interest rate are at historic lows, what better time to invest in your future and lower your electrical / operating costs

Let us demonstrate in detail what you can save and gain with a FREE Electrical Analysis.


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