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BESS vs. Solar

This comparison looks at a BESS System vs. a PV or Solar Array, not in a microgrid configuration. 


A BESS is a battery energy storage system that is charged, in this example from the grid when electrical rates are low and are discharged supplying you with less expensive electricity when rates are high.  BESS System supply reliable consistent lower cost electrical energy year after year.  Our BESS systems are engineered to provide you with 20 to 25 years of system service life.  The battery modules are engineered to provide 10 years of service life.

Solar or PV Panels do not store electrical energy unless they are combined with a BESS in a microgrid configuration.  Additionally, they only produce electrical energy when the sunshine is strong enough to produce electrical energy.  Throughout the course of a 24 hour day solar panels only produce electrical energy for a portion of the day, and it goes without saying never after sundown.   Seasonality, storms and overcast skies all impede the function of solar panels.    


This comparison demonstrates that a BESS System by itself is capable of delivering energy reliably on a daily basis whether the sun shins or not, year after year.  Additionally, the cost of adding solar panels to a BESS system would increase the upfront cost of the system and could also significantly delay the ROI on the investment in the system. 


Our primary goal with our BESS Systems is to reduce your electrical energy costs and provide you with an ROI as quickly as possible, as well as provide reliable low cost energy for the long term.             

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