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Battery Terminal USA

ESS Systems

What makes us different is our belief that a battery is just not a battery or fuel tank for energy to power a device.  A battery is a component of the device that has its own environmental and physical considerations if it is to complement the device and perform as expected.

Industry Experience

We have 25 years in the battery business working with multiple battery chemistries and application.  We have worked with equipment manufacturers to develop new battery configurations and correct systemic problems.  We have also done manufacturing plant inspection in the US, Canada, Asia...
We have taken all of this experience and knowledge and applied it to the ESS products we provide.  We continue to developed new relationships with battery manufacturers and assemblers using our years of experience which allows us to provide quality cost effective products for all your battery and battery system needs.  

Green Energy Contractor / Systems Installers

We support and provide necessary services to Wind & Solar Contractors as well as System Installers.​


Battery Warranty - Warranties are contingent upon installation by a certified installer.​


Installation - We are certified by each manufacturer for the ESS systems  we install.  Correct installation is crucial to optimum performance.

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